Project: Airport of Aruba


Throughout the years, Claudia is known locally in Aruba as a prolific artist-designer with prodigious carrier whose spans for more than 2 decades ,portraying her eclectic, bold, and unconventional style, her generous use of color and intrinsic mixture of textures , incorporating old into new designs and mostly for her determination for producing unique styles.

Her services entail conceptual design which includes corporates image, brand identity , creative direction on websites, signage, graphics ,landscaping, interior -exterior design , art consultancy , the totality of the look & feel of the project.

As the visionary and creative director behind Arte Sano Design Studio, creating Design concepts is her passion striving to develop customized unique projects & design strategies for each client’s need.

Operating from her firm she has overseen diverse and dramatic projects such as the Airport of Aruba , resorts ,her current work is Boardwalk Boutique hotel , ongoing renovations in hotels, select offices, restaurants, retail environments, beach piers ,golf clubs, residences and gardens for high-profile clientele.

Founded in 1999 , Aruba based , Arte Sano Design Studio has become her laboratory -Atelier evolving from strictly conceptual design to fit her multifaceted voice introducing product design, abstract art , fine jewelry & style consultancy.

The play of words Arte Sano ,loosely in Spanish’s “Art is Healthy” , relates as well to ‘artisan’ in which craftmanship is highlighted.

The common thread running through her works is her incendiary passion for contrasting aesthetics and highly discerning eye for detail , evident in her projects which embody a revolutionary mix of -luxury- creativity -eclectic -unique projects and the creation of design -filled experiences.

Project: Boardwalk Boutique hotel

Project: Boardwalk Boutique hotel - Coco Café