Committed to deliver design concepts that articulate a unique story ,with a passion to create  vibrant experiences rather than simply utilitarian design and with her experience of more than 2 decades in the field, her iconic projects have become her own signature.

Is in the  multidisciplinary studio  where Imagination becomes concrete concepts while her bold-signature point of view, a sophisticated maximalist & casual taste maker and her  ornamented timeless style, is seen throughout  all products and projects that land on her hands.

A world on her own, the creative Nooren Ruiz-Vasquez embarks in a cross-pollination that infuses  concepts & products alike. At the same time she can be designing a restaurant ,fine jewelry while creating an artwork and producing a furniture piece.

The common thread running through  Nooren Ruiz-Vasquez work is the combination of bright colors, massive use of textures combined with historical European color schemes. Always a dash of guild.

Her work  celebrates her personal style. 

Arte Sano Design Studio ’s project interest range from conceptual design , architecture, landscaping , art and fashion.

Design services & Products

  • Conceptual Design 
  • Creative direction & corporate image
  • Product design & Art Objects
  • Art Commission
  • Art Curation
  • Styling
  • Fine Jewelry


Through her  body of work, Claudia seeks to share her unique perspective on the world and offer a glimpse into the flamboyant tapestry of her Guatemalan roots & culture. Her paintings are not just a celebration of color  and heritage but also a surreal exploration of the human condition, touching upon themes of identity, self-image, and spiritualism. Her use of mixed media and bold hues portrays her optimistic outlook of life  and makes for an original and striking composition combined with a narrative that enlightens the viewer through its other-worldly atmospheres which she so uniquely creates. 

In  her  illustrations and lose sketches  often in ink, water color and mix media she intentionally   immortalizes every day moment in a playful manner. This body of work is intrinsically playful and ephemeral aiming to bring a light smile to the viewer.

Research and experimentation come together in her studio, mixing new materials and techniques depending of her current inspirations. Her pallet is bold & the influence of  graphic American artist Rauschenberg & Helen Frankenthaler is evident in their artist’s rough strokes of her brush and the use of collages and mix media.


She takes inspiration from the Mesopotamian era, creating contemporary pieces that echo the simplicity of jewellery design in the ancient world.  Pieces are infuse with both a renassance  modernism and  pre-Columbian -Levant inspiration.

Made from recycled 18-carat gold, embellished with pearls, precious & semiprecious stones.

As an ode to the designer Guatemalan & Dutch heritage ,certain pieces have Dutch antique jewlry clasps charms , as well as antique jade beads. The influence of her latin american folklore  art and visual culture is evident, though never literal, in the work of designer Nooren Ruiz-Vasquez.

Based in Aruba /Amsterdam the influence of the seashore & sandy feet is as well tangible.


Each product is created to be the conversation piece ( piece de resistance ) in the enviroment its is placed. A point of interest.


The design studio celebrates her own wanderlust and curated eye for design & aesthetics;being herself a mix master -pairing antiques-with contemporary designs or artisanal objects with mass-produced,there is a distintive thread in the products lines  encouraging  eclecticism & a melage of influences,mixing antagonistic aesthetics.